2:30 PM – 3/11/11 – Flatirons Mall, Broomfield, CO:  Here I am in line at the Apple store waiting to get my iPad 2.  I stood in this same line last April waiting to get my original iPad.  Why am I doing this?

I guess the best way I can explain it is that the original iPad changed my workflow and workday more than any technology has before, or since.  I am never away from my iPad during the day… I take all of my workday notes on it with Evernote and am always in sync between my laptop and my  iPhone. I  interact with our corporate exchange server for email and my calendar on it, I use it as a second monitor while at my desk, and I use it for virtually all corporate and product presentations while on the road selling.  I read books and watch TV shows and movies on it while on a plane, or on the nights I can’t sleep!  I use the iPad for text messaging making phone calls, and watching EVERY San Francisco Giants game on the MLB11 App.  I use my iPad for all customer webinars with WebEx, and read my 3 favorite newspapers (NY Times, Wall Street Journal & USA Today) cover to every morning with it.  I use Omnifocus on my iPad to outline ideas and business projects, and I use dropbox to keep every single business document in sync, real time, between my laptop, desktop, iPhone and iPad (all Macs).  I print documents and boarding passes on my iPad and when I forget, and am traveling on American Airlines I use my iPad as my boarding pass.  I tweet, blog (this article), and read industry RSS feeds daily on my iPad.  My wife and I like to play Scrabble with my iPad being the board and our iPhone’s holding and transferring tiles, and when traveling with my dyslexic sales team I use the iPad to navigate while they drive.  I have every business contact I have had for the past 10 years or so (over 1,600 as of today) in my contacts, and all of my LinkedIn buddies on my iPad, I use Dragon dictation to keep notes on them all.  When on the road I use my iPad to record DirecTV shows on any of our 4 home TV’s, and that does not include 60 minutes… I use the 60 Minutes App to watch them every week.  I used my iPad to buy tickets to a Dallas Cowboys game last October, during the game I used the same App “StubHub”, to by 2 tickets to game 4 of the World Series being played across the street latter that night.

Oh yeah…I work for a cool company that is in the middle of delivering our first secure and HIPAA compliant iPad App to the healthcare marketplace…

Really… I can’t think of a reason I am doing this!




CTO D. Annan waxing eloquent on the "touch board"

As expected HIMSS 2011 last week in Orlando, FL broke all time records with 30,947 in attendance.  With some 400 education sessions and more than 1,000 exhibitors the conference did not disappoint.  This years show was  a breakout  for Diversinet in many ways including a new booth and product roll out.  Thanks to all of the great friends and prospects that came by to say hello.  You will be hearing from us shortly…


Here are my highs and lows for the week:

RVP Jon Smith with iPad Presentation and iPhone demo in hand... Gotta love that!


The constant and great traffic at the booth
Positive reception of the new DVNT / MobiSecure® look and feel
General availability of food and water
The role mobility  played at the show (More on that coming)
The fabulous mCare presentation by Jeanette Rasche on Thursday AM


Shortage of Harry Potter tickets (word on the street was that there was tons of room)
Cab and Bus wait lines
Quality of food and water at the hall (poor and warm)
The fact that we were not in the interoperability Showcase (we will be next year)

See you in Las Vegas at HIMSS 2012!

Ouch... Droid's Latest O/S has a broken antenna

Several media outlets including eWeek and  Engadget have recently reported a potentially  dangerous security flaw in the latest Android OS (2.3 Gingerbread).  According to the reports, a researcher at North Carolina State University is warning that the flaw can allow attackers access to your personal information.  The bug reportedly allows malicious websites to possibly get access to a user’s microSD card, including voicemails, photos, and online banking information. Unless users eject the microSD card, disable JavaScript, or switch to a third-party browser, they will remain vulnerable… YUCK… Android 2.3 users have little recourse in squashing the bug. The folks at eWeek reported that Google is working on a solution to the problem, but there’s no word on when we can expect to see an update.

I’m sure Google will fix this unfortunate hole with a patch as soon as possible, but stories like this seem to be a common theme in the ever changing world of wireless networks and mobile devices.  We at Diversinet are commonly asked if “SSL” and mobile browsers are “enough security”?  Our position is that HIPAA  relevant or Personal Health Information (PHI) needs to be encrypted at all times, both at rest and in transit…


Trade Shows & Trade Winds: Business vs. Hot Air

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This year I’ll attend somewhere between 10 and 13 “Trade Shows” representing in some way the Diversinet MobiSecure® platform of products.  As I was flying to Las Vegas to attend CES last week I was trying to estimate in my career how many trade shows I have attended.  Although it seems like more I think a number around 1oo is probably accurate.

CES 2011 What a Zoo...

Here are a couple of things I’ve learned over the years on how to actually get something out of the shows I attend perhaps you can use a few as you prepare for your show schedule in 2011.

1. Have a Plan
Actually take the time to look at the list of exhibitors and programs and pick a few to build your schedule around.  For companies that exhibit take the time to also plan and write a strategy around every show.  By the way a successful show strategy has less to do with budget than it has to do with realistic goals and execution.

2. Re-connect but  Cultivate New Relationships & Energy
I have been to HIMSS more often than any other trade show.  I relish and so look forward to the re-connects (Gary, Frank, Jim, Matt, Mike etc. you know who you are) but if you are not having after hours dinners and meetings with new potential customers and relationships you are missing great opportunities.

3. On The Floor Tell Your Story in 30 Seconds
Your booth and messaging at your trade shows need to be communicated crisply and concisely in 30 seconds.  No matter how complex your solutions are, can you explain what you do, and what your value proposition is and then close for a follow-up in 60 seconds? Your potential customers only have a few precious moments to spend with you.  Use them wisely.

4. Even in a Suit, Wear Soft Soled Shoes
Enough said…

5. Use your Floor Time to Actually Learn Something
Invest the time to actually learn and be conversant about new technologies… What are your competitors doing? What is the general Buzz? Are there any potential new partnerships out there that you might be able to take advantage of?

Just a few random thoughts around how I look at trade shows… We will be at quite a few in 2011 with (for us) a relatively big splash at HIMSS in Orlando in February.  Come by and say hello!


The new Consumer Reports Issue is out (December 2010) that rates mobile phones and networks… It is no surprise to any of us who actually use AT&T that consumers would rate it bad – but this bad?  (See the scores above)

AT&T ranked dead last in every category, and it makes me wonder if long term the iPhone deal will really end up profitable for AT&T? In reaction to this terrible consumer rating, AT&T’s Fletcher Cook had the following to say:

“We take this seriously and we continually look for new ways to improve the customer experience.”

Those of us who will consider leaving AT&T the minute we have another option with our beloved iPhones  (hint – Verizon January 2011) Here’s how much Fletcher and his buddies are looking to “improve” your customer experience.  New plans? Loyalty programs? Better network performance? Less dropped calls?

No… just an increase from $175 to $325 for iPhone termination fees!  I will pay it for principal and NEVER LOOK BACK!




“Come, Watson, come! The game is afoot.”  Says Sherlock Holmes as if to say “Ok, now the fun really starts”

This is exactly how I felt when I recently read the early reports of the long expected “MyChart” iPhone App that went live in several sites over the last couple of weeks.  First reported at the Dean Clinic the MyChart App brings several of the heavily used features (not all) of the My Chart web application to the iPhone.  We at Diversinet are thrilled to see Epic into our market space with MyChart, we believe it not only legitimizes what we do, but we think it will immediately spark discussion around several key questions.  Here are a few:

How is “MyChart” data secured when it goes “over the air” to the iPhone, and how does it stay secure once it gets there?

Is the “MyChart” App HIPAA Compliant? How do we know?

What are Epic’s Competitors (GE, McKesson, Allscripts, etc.) Going to do for HIPAA compliant mobile access to their systems?

Will Epic be content with the Apple IOS or will they redevelop for Android, RIM, Windows Mobile, etc.?

Other than a mobile port of “MyChart” are there any other mobile Apps that Epic will deliver to its customers?

Will Epic and any of its competitors deliver a secure development platform to their customers so additional Apps can be easily and securely developed?

Will any of the major consulting firms (CSC, Deloitte, PWC, etc.) get into the mobile App development, deployment space?

Do most large Providers / IDN’s (Epic’s main customer base) have mobile App strategies that will include “MyChart” like Apps?

Do any of these questions resonate with you? Now would be a great time to talk to Diversinet! Oh… The game is truly “afoot”

With smart phones exploding and data usage growing exponentially, there is an assumption in the marketplace that a mobile browser https (SSL on the mobile) session and the user’s name and password will be good enough to protect a patient’s identity and their access to their personal healthcare information.  Here are a few things to think about…

1. Let’s look at the mobile. This little guy is 15 x times more likely to be lost than a laptop.
2.  A very small percentage of people actually lock their phones.  The mobile browser / History and phone application icons are all open for inspection. All your bookmarks are available to review which gives unwanted eyes additional personal information.  All your downloaded documents, like copies of claims or lab tests are in the open. In many cases, all recent browser activity including your user name and all your personal health records and transactions are open for every one to see as these items have been cached. In addition, most bookmarks remember your user name/password and auto-sign you (or the intruder) in directly, to your personal health information.
3. From a communications security standpoint, the standard mobile SSL connection sets up a tunnel between the mobile and the web server. It does not authenticate you or your personal mobile device, it does not make sure you at the right intended site, nor does it provide end-to-end security to the application level.

Considering it takes an average of 130 hours to fix a financial identity when a person is a victim of identity theft imagine what it will take to restore health identity when your identity is compromised using the mobile internet.

There is a better way, the MobiSecure® Health solution downloads personal security credentials and an app to your mobile device that is locked to your specific healthcare organization. It demands a PIN to open the service, executes bi-lateral authentication between the server and the phone, and then performs dual encryption on all information and messages exchanged. No user names, bookmarks, downloads, cached screens, personal information or URL’s are available to prying eyes.

How do you want to access, store and interact with your personal health information?

Being a mobile tech fanatic since the days of the first generation Motorola’s (more about that in an upcoming post), but being in the mHealth business for a relatively short period, I have been reading all I can about the industry.  It did not take long for mobihealthnews.com to become my favorite place for industry updates and news.

Here are the 4 reasons I like and subscribe to  mobihealthnews.com…

1. Brian Dolan’s Style – I have met Brian a couple of times and like him personally, but it is how he writes that makes me anxious to read his updates.  He is factual and yet not overly opinionated.  He definitely shares his views, but to me always has the best interest in the industry as a whole in mind.

2. Not To Commercial – Sure Brian and mobihealthnews.com run ads and are in a commercial enterprise, but the site is not littered with trash ads and the ads that do run are usually of interest to me.

3. Most e-mailed Articles – I love this BLOG feature and wish others would include it.  It is a quick way to see what others viewing the posts have thought were most applicable… interestingly enough the ones that make the list are usually ones that I resonate with as well.

4. Link between Newsletter and Site – I really like how Brian uses both the mobihealthnews newsletter and the BLOG to compliment each other… A lot of the same content but a slightly different approach makes me look forward to both.

So… If you are in our industry go to mobihealthnews.com and subscribe to both the RSS feed in your Google Reader or like news source and subscribe to the newsletter… Good Stuff…  And while your at it search for “Diversinet” on the site for some fair and balanced reporting on us!


In an interesting recent post on the Whitehouse BLOG, entitled: The National Strategy for Trusted Identities in Cyberspace

Howard A. Schmidt – A former Diversinet Advisory Board Member and current Cybersecurity Coordinator and Special Assistant to President Obama, makes the following comment:

“…no longer should individuals have to remember an ever-expanding and potentially insecure list of usernames and passwords to login into various online services”

When we were designing the the first version of the MobiSecure ® platform for secure mobile healthcare access our clients encouraged us to create a technology that was both extremely secure AND easy to use.  Our goal was to deliver the next generation of secure mobile tools that required NO URL’s, Usernames, Passwords,  Challenge Querstions, and without the need to navigate across multiple back end systems. We did this by creating a technology that installs “over the air” advanced cryptology that does both authentication and encryption in realtime from both the mobile device and secure servers… Let us show you a demo!

Read the Whitehouse BLOG entry here…

I have been a VP of Sales since the mid 90’s and have hired, trained, sold with, promoted and fired dozens of sales people.  As a young VP I was taught by a sage SR VP of sales an axiom that has become my only real rule for hiring sales talent.  As a matter of fact I can honestly say that EVERY TIME I have not followed this rule it has backfired on me… For all of you Sales VP’s and future sales VP’s here it is:

Rule #1: NEVER hire a sales person that has not either, (a) Worked for you before or (b) Worked for or with someone you know and trust.  PERIOD

For those of us in the HIT business this is a very easy rule to follow.  More than likely somewhere on an experienced HIT salespersons resume is a company that you know intimately and there will be a connection somewhere.  Linked-In (A MARVELOUS TOOL) is also a good place to search for your connections.  We are putting together a sales force right now at Diversinet… I don’t plan on violating my rule…