Apple vs. Google (Why We Don’t Care)

Posted: August 10, 2010 in Diversinet Related Posts
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Apple vs. Google – Are there any unbiased opinions out there? I fully admit I am biased (I bought my first Mac the day after the Super Bowl Ad in 1984 )

At the recent 7th annual Healthcare Unbound Conference in San Diego, Vince Kuraitis from Better Health Technologies laid out the significance of the A(iphone) vs G(Android) battle by quoting a Business Week lead story on the Apple vs. Google war. The story tagline was that this war will “shape the future of computing”.  It probably will!

However, the hotter the battle rages on the better for Diversinet.  Our technology is truly mobile platform independent.  Our platform and applications completely support the iPhone, and Android platforms and always will!  However, not only those… we support Windows Mobile, RIM, and over 300 smart and feature phones on all US Carriers!  So while Jay Couse (Our SVP of Business Dev and Android bigot) and I are fully engaged in the war…

We really don’t care… because regardless of the outcome, the Diversinet clients will be the ultimate winners!

  1. A.Y. Siu says:

    If either one wins, we all lose. If they stay in competition, we all win.

    P.S. I know a lot of people who use both (Google and GMail + iPhone, or Android phone + Macbook Pro, etc.).

  2. That’s a point! Agreed! BTW Im one of those use Google Reader, Google Maps, GMail for personal e-mail, Google is my ONLY Search Engine, and Macs and iPhone!

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