About This Blog…

Shortly after I was hired to run the Healthcare business at Diversinet, I was asked by the marketing department to start a blog… What we want to accomplish is an informal way for me to write about the events and news about our company that might not make an official “press release”.

I also look forward to commenting on the mHealth market, general trends in Healthcare IT, and miscellaneous items that I find interesting, funny or just plain weird.  Most important these are my personal thoughts and should be taken in that light.

Thanks for stopping by… I welcome your comments… AND if you have yet to hear the Diversinet story, please let me share it with you.  It truly is a remarkable story!

Mark Trigsted
EVP, Global Healthcare
Diversintet Corp.

  1. Richard Brunner says:

    Hello Mark, I have been a long term Diversinet cheerleader myself. I have enjoyed following the Diversinet story and am obtimistic about the future.

    I have enjoyed your Blog and hope you keep it up.

    Thanks again,


  2. I am a stockholder who has been waiting patiently for this company to take off. President Obama in his State of the Union message last Monday evening mentioned a device (not by name) which sounded like our product Was it our product? If so, take adavantage of the positive remarks he made on your site and forward to the business news outlets.

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