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2:30 PM – 3/11/11 – Flatirons Mall, Broomfield, CO:  Here I am in line at the Apple store waiting to get my iPad 2.  I stood in this same line last April waiting to get my original iPad.  Why am I doing this?

I guess the best way I can explain it is that the original iPad changed my workflow and workday more than any technology has before, or since.  I am never away from my iPad during the day… I take all of my workday notes on it with Evernote and am always in sync between my laptop and my  iPhone. I  interact with our corporate exchange server for email and my calendar on it, I use it as a second monitor while at my desk, and I use it for virtually all corporate and product presentations while on the road selling.  I read books and watch TV shows and movies on it while on a plane, or on the nights I can’t sleep!  I use the iPad for text messaging making phone calls, and watching EVERY San Francisco Giants game on the MLB11 App.  I use my iPad for all customer webinars with WebEx, and read my 3 favorite newspapers (NY Times, Wall Street Journal & USA Today) cover to every morning with it.  I use Omnifocus on my iPad to outline ideas and business projects, and I use dropbox to keep every single business document in sync, real time, between my laptop, desktop, iPhone and iPad (all Macs).  I print documents and boarding passes on my iPad and when I forget, and am traveling on American Airlines I use my iPad as my boarding pass.  I tweet, blog (this article), and read industry RSS feeds daily on my iPad.  My wife and I like to play Scrabble with my iPad being the board and our iPhone’s holding and transferring tiles, and when traveling with my dyslexic sales team I use the iPad to navigate while they drive.  I have every business contact I have had for the past 10 years or so (over 1,600 as of today) in my contacts, and all of my LinkedIn buddies on my iPad, I use Dragon dictation to keep notes on them all.  When on the road I use my iPad to record DirecTV shows on any of our 4 home TV’s, and that does not include 60 minutes… I use the 60 Minutes App to watch them every week.  I used my iPad to buy tickets to a Dallas Cowboys game last October, during the game I used the same App “StubHub”, to by 2 tickets to game 4 of the World Series being played across the street latter that night.

Oh yeah…I work for a cool company that is in the middle of delivering our first secure and HIPAA compliant iPad App to the healthcare marketplace…

Really… I can’t think of a reason I am doing this!




Being a mobile tech fanatic since the days of the first generation Motorola’s (more about that in an upcoming post), but being in the mHealth business for a relatively short period, I have been reading all I can about the industry.  It did not take long for to become my favorite place for industry updates and news.

Here are the 4 reasons I like and subscribe to…

1. Brian Dolan’s Style – I have met Brian a couple of times and like him personally, but it is how he writes that makes me anxious to read his updates.  He is factual and yet not overly opinionated.  He definitely shares his views, but to me always has the best interest in the industry as a whole in mind.

2. Not To Commercial – Sure Brian and run ads and are in a commercial enterprise, but the site is not littered with trash ads and the ads that do run are usually of interest to me.

3. Most e-mailed Articles – I love this BLOG feature and wish others would include it.  It is a quick way to see what others viewing the posts have thought were most applicable… interestingly enough the ones that make the list are usually ones that I resonate with as well.

4. Link between Newsletter and Site – I really like how Brian uses both the mobihealthnews newsletter and the BLOG to compliment each other… A lot of the same content but a slightly different approach makes me look forward to both.

So… If you are in our industry go to and subscribe to both the RSS feed in your Google Reader or like news source and subscribe to the newsletter… Good Stuff…  And while your at it search for “Diversinet” on the site for some fair and balanced reporting on us!


On Monday when Google and Verizon made their joint resolution / proposal on Net Neutrality that calls for a “suggested legislative framework for consideration by lawmakers” (See Google’s original statement from Monday) it set off a firestorm of activity on the internet…

What is at stake here is the very definition of “the internet” and a possible segregating of “wireless” vs. “normal” internet usages and whether companies have the right to prioritize data and “charge” appropriately.  If you haven’t been following this debate let me help you with a frame of reference to start your research and get informed because we all need to have a voice.  Here is a brief 4 point background of this debate:

1. The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) in 2005 issued its Broadband Policy Statement (also known as the Internet Policy Statement), which lists four principles of open Internet, “To encourage broadband deployment and preserve and promote the open and interconnected nature of the public Internet, consumers are entitled to:”

  • access the lawful Internet content of their choice.
  • run applications and use services of their choice, subject to the needs of law enforcement.
  • connect their choice of legal devices that do not harm the network.
  • competition among network providers, application and service providers, and content providers

2. In 2009 the FCC along with many of the major players began discussing “net neutrality” again specifically  around the definitions of “mobile” use of bandwidth and the rights of both companies and consumers. As a result of the original meetings FCC chairman Julius Genachowski made it clear that he wanted net neutrality in both the wired and wireless environments. (ars technica recap)

3. The talks that began in 2009 subsequently broke down with no real movement and/or agreements proposed.

4. On Monday Google and Verizon (on their own) publicly made the joint proposal…  A STORM OF WORDS / BLOGS / HSO’s (Hot Sports Opinions) ENSUED

Because the fall out was incredibly negative Google yesterday (8/12/10) issued a clarification (Google Public Policy Blog)

Here are some other voices to listen to as you get informed on this important issue:

A great debate in this weeks TWIG (This Week in Google) Podcast with Leo Laporte (Watch The Show)

Jeff Jarvis (Author of  the great book, WWGD What Would Google DoBuzz Machine Blog

Wired Magazines – Strong Response

Just  Google “Net Neutrality” and you will see that this debate and its final consequences are far from over.  As  many of us are both consumers and have a vested interest in this topic by working in the mHealth marketplace, we need to stay informed and have a voice!  For those new to the debate I hope this helps…

Let me know what you think!

I do all of my reading on the road on my iPad.  Just ask and I’ll be glad to give you a demo.  From the WSJ (Daily – a great App) to books for both business and pleasure.  Plane rides and downtime on the road is a lot easier with a good book., and I have just read one.

I am just about finished with Malcom Gladwell’s Outliers – The Story of Success.  I first heard about this book in early 2009 after reading a NY Times Review.  I’m glad I waited to read it until now.  As we are putting our team together at Diversinet to aggressively enter the mHealth market with a unique set of products and services, we want to write our own, “story of success”.

Although aimed primarily at  individual “outliers”, the traits of success that Gladwell points out in his book have a lot in common with where we are as a company. The NY Times review summarizes them as “Chance & Circumstance”.  We fully admit there is a little bit of “Chance” or “Luck” in the following facts: (A) Diversinet has the most robust mobile security platform in the industry PERIOD. (B) The mobile healthcare market is primed to explode over the next few years and (C) That Federal guidelines (HIPAA) mandate that all personal health data must be secured…So yes… We are in the right place at the right time.

However, the real story is the “Circumstance” or the 10+ years and close to 80M that we spent as a company developing, patenting, and designing our technology for the mobile market that was yet to fully mature.  Remember, when our MobiSecure® platform was in the original design phase, there was no such thing as an iPhone, and “Apps” were not part of the American dialog and pop culture.

Take the time to read Malcom Gladwell’s Outliers, its a great read and just might give you a new way of looking at success…what we are all trying to achieve.