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Trade Shows & Trade Winds: Business vs. Hot Air

Posted: January 18, 2011 in Uncategorized
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This year I’ll attend somewhere between 10 and 13 “Trade Shows” representing in some way the Diversinet MobiSecure® platform of products.  As I was flying to Las Vegas to attend CES last week I was trying to estimate in my career how many trade shows I have attended.  Although it seems like more I think a number around 1oo is probably accurate.

CES 2011 What a Zoo...

Here are a couple of things I’ve learned over the years on how to actually get something out of the shows I attend perhaps you can use a few as you prepare for your show schedule in 2011.

1. Have a Plan
Actually take the time to look at the list of exhibitors and programs and pick a few to build your schedule around.  For companies that exhibit take the time to also plan and write a strategy around every show.  By the way a successful show strategy has less to do with budget than it has to do with realistic goals and execution.

2. Re-connect but  Cultivate New Relationships & Energy
I have been to HIMSS more often than any other trade show.  I relish and so look forward to the re-connects (Gary, Frank, Jim, Matt, Mike etc. you know who you are) but if you are not having after hours dinners and meetings with new potential customers and relationships you are missing great opportunities.

3. On The Floor Tell Your Story in 30 Seconds
Your booth and messaging at your trade shows need to be communicated crisply and concisely in 30 seconds.  No matter how complex your solutions are, can you explain what you do, and what your value proposition is and then close for a follow-up in 60 seconds? Your potential customers only have a few precious moments to spend with you.  Use them wisely.

4. Even in a Suit, Wear Soft Soled Shoes
Enough said…

5. Use your Floor Time to Actually Learn Something
Invest the time to actually learn and be conversant about new technologies… What are your competitors doing? What is the general Buzz? Are there any potential new partnerships out there that you might be able to take advantage of?

Just a few random thoughts around how I look at trade shows… We will be at quite a few in 2011 with (for us) a relatively big splash at HIMSS in Orlando in February.  Come by and say hello!