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The new Consumer Reports Issue is out (December 2010) that rates mobile phones and networks… It is no surprise to any of us who actually use AT&T that consumers would rate it bad – but this bad?  (See the scores above)

AT&T ranked dead last in every category, and it makes me wonder if long term the iPhone deal will really end up profitable for AT&T? In reaction to this terrible consumer rating, AT&T’s Fletcher Cook had the following to say:

“We take this seriously and we continually look for new ways to improve the customer experience.”

Those of us who will consider leaving AT&T the minute we have another option with our beloved iPhones  (hint – Verizon January 2011) Here’s how much Fletcher and his buddies are looking to “improve” your customer experience.  New plans? Loyalty programs? Better network performance? Less dropped calls?

No… just an increase from $175 to $325 for iPhone termination fees!  I will pay it for principal and NEVER LOOK BACK!