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I have been a VP of Sales since the mid 90’s and have hired, trained, sold with, promoted and fired dozens of sales people.  As a young VP I was taught by a sage SR VP of sales an axiom that has become my only real rule for hiring sales talent.  As a matter of fact I can honestly say that EVERY TIME I have not followed this rule it has backfired on me… For all of you Sales VP’s and future sales VP’s here it is:

Rule #1: NEVER hire a sales person that has not either, (a) Worked for you before or (b) Worked for or with someone you know and trust.  PERIOD

For those of us in the HIT business this is a very easy rule to follow.  More than likely somewhere on an experienced HIT salespersons resume is a company that you know intimately and there will be a connection somewhere.  Linked-In (A MARVELOUS TOOL) is also a good place to search for your connections.  We are putting together a sales force right now at Diversinet… I don’t plan on violating my rule…