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Being a mobile tech fanatic since the days of the first generation Motorola’s (more about that in an upcoming post), but being in the mHealth business for a relatively short period, I have been reading all I can about the industry.  It did not take long for to become my favorite place for industry updates and news.

Here are the 4 reasons I like and subscribe to…

1. Brian Dolan’s Style – I have met Brian a couple of times and like him personally, but it is how he writes that makes me anxious to read his updates.  He is factual and yet not overly opinionated.  He definitely shares his views, but to me always has the best interest in the industry as a whole in mind.

2. Not To Commercial – Sure Brian and run ads and are in a commercial enterprise, but the site is not littered with trash ads and the ads that do run are usually of interest to me.

3. Most e-mailed Articles – I love this BLOG feature and wish others would include it.  It is a quick way to see what others viewing the posts have thought were most applicable… interestingly enough the ones that make the list are usually ones that I resonate with as well.

4. Link between Newsletter and Site – I really like how Brian uses both the mobihealthnews newsletter and the BLOG to compliment each other… A lot of the same content but a slightly different approach makes me look forward to both.

So… If you are in our industry go to and subscribe to both the RSS feed in your Google Reader or like news source and subscribe to the newsletter… Good Stuff…  And while your at it search for “Diversinet” on the site for some fair and balanced reporting on us!